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  Transitioning from Arabic to Split Hand

Switching from Arabic Style to Split Hand

For those of you switching from the Arabic style to the Turkish style, most likely you will go through an awkward transitional period. In my own experience, after I switched, I didn’t have the strength and speed to properly execute the Turkish technique but the old technique seemed passé, so I went through a year or two of sounding worse than before.

Moreover, you lose volume.Your playing becomes quite a bit softer so you need to mellow out your slap in order to stay balanced, especially when you’re playing through a sound system.If you play a loud slap the soundman will turn your volume down and then nobody will hear the delicate hits.

I know it’s tempting to try and go fast right away. But have patience, go easy on yourself, enjoy the process, and most importantly, as Bünyamin says, “Yavash, yavash”slowly slowly– do everything as slowly as needed in order to execute the hits properly.

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