What Kind of Darbuka Should I Use?

The most important thing is that your darbukahas a rounded head as opposed to the kind that has the pegs on the outside. There are 2 choices in this style: The metal Alexandria style and the natural skin clay drum:

Metal Alexandria Style Darbuka with Plastic Skin

The metal “Alexandria Style” darbuka​ drum with a plastic head is the most popular kind darbuka played throughout the middle east.

They are reliable, durable, easy to carry and the sound is crisp and ice-like.

You can get this style drum in various sizes

Baby Size 4 Peg- This is what Raquy usually plays - great for soloing.

Standard 6-Peg- This is what most darbuka players use

Simbati -nice and heavy for professional players

Dahlola more a bass-y sound



Clay Darbuka w Natural Skin

In the last 20 years with the new split hand technique the clay darbuka with natural skin has made a comeback.

These drums have a gorgeous tone and big range of sound.However they are usually heavy, fragile and the sound changes with the weather.

Here are some links of recommended clay darbukas: