About the Notation We Use in the Darbuka School:

This is a notation system that Raquy came up with. It's based on the Indian System of each beat being an underline and the symbol for the hit is written on the lines.

Let's say each metronome hit is one underline. If there is one hit on a line you play one note per click (like a quarter note in classical music). If there are two hits on one line, that would played twice as fast (like and 1/8th note in classical music).

Each finger has a number as you can see in the key below. The number tells you which finger to use and the superscript above the number tells you where on the drum to play it.

All of the hits of this notation key are taught and explained in Split Hand 2017 Course.

Note that Dumbek Fever I, II and Turkish Split Hand 2015 have slightly different notation key - they key has developed along with Raquy's playing style.